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9 Ways to Enjoy a Great Long Distance Bus Trip

An effective alternative to airline travel and cross-country driving, the Greyhound-driven bus trip serves millions of travelers each year. With fares that can reach well below the price of an airline ticket, customers enjoy the benefit of coin-saving service as well as a relatively comfortable ride. With the introduction of new Wi-Fi and outlet enabled vehicles, the Connecticut-based carrier has taken steps to increase customer comfort and phase-in much needed upgrades to an aging fleet. Travelers interested in maximizing the enjoyment of their interstate trip, can take several stress saving steps to ease the path for the road weary traveler.

Prepare well in advance

Purchase tickets and pack belongings well in advance of the scheduled trip. Check the route, read the schedule printed on the ticket and plan break activity prior to departure. When packing, ensure that frequently used items remain easily accessible. Charge batteries on electronic devices and bring a carrying device or wear clothing than can hold tickets, itineraries and important documents.

Line up early

Line up a least a half hour early of departure time to avoid delays in boarding and confusion during seat selection. Some buses may pick-up and drop off frequently so seat selection may be a relatively detailed activity. If traveling with children, alert the boarding staff to obtain priority seating.

Stretch properly

Perform full stretches on joints, limbs and muscles before, during and following the trip. Stretching promotes proper circulation, while preventing cramping and muscular pain. Perform breathing exercises in conjunction with stretching to promote relaxation and stress relief.

Minimize electronics

Though the use of laptops, DVD players and cell phones constitute the norm for long distance travelers; avoid prolong uses of electronic devices. Periodically give the senses an opportunity to rest by unplugging or limiting long-term device use.

Maximize breaks

Use break periods to promote circulation, while moving the limbs and muscles. Avoid alcohol or excessive cigarette smoke as they affect oxygen exchange and circulation. If eating, choose items that will not adversely affect the blood pressure or heart rate.


Use fresh water or non-toxic wipes to refresh the face and relieve areas of the body that are prone to overheating. If possible, change an article of clothing that may be wet from sweating.

Casual dress

Wear a clean set of loose fitting clothes while traveling on prolonged bus trips. Avoid tight fitting clothing that can affect circulation. Loosen ties and remove overcoats to allow the body proper circulation and cooling. Avoid pants that educe circulation when seated for a prolonged period of time.

Avoid bulky luggage

Choose the appropriate bag for carry-on luggage. Avoid delays in boarding due to ill-fitting bags that must be forced into the overhead area. Choose a bag that can carry items adequately and provide durability and ease of use. See travelcollectivegroup for some ideas on luggage and bags.

Avoid excessive liquid. Avoid frequent trips to the bathroom by monitoring fluid intake before and during the trip. Avoid excessive intake of caffeinated drinks and alcohol. Take a restroom break during each stop and ensure that children also have proper fluid intake restroom breaks.


Take the opportunity to rest the body while on the bus trip. Most fleet vehicles allow for ample leg room and facilitate relaxation. Avoid sleeping pills to prevent a missed stop. Take the opportunity to breathe deeply while lowering the heart rate. In addition, avoid foods with high salt content or drugs and medications that prevent normal rest.

Easy Spanish Rice Recipe

Growing up my father made Spanish rice, barrio style. I suppose they didn’t have much money so they used what ever they could find to make a meal. But the Spanish Rice has always been one of my favorite dishes, its inexpensive and easy to make and I can use my zojirushi rice cooker.


1 cup rice
2 cups of water
1 onion
1 green pepper
1 clove garlic
Chili Powder to taste
Tomato paste

I start by chopping up the onion, green pepper and garlic. It doesn’t take very long. Next find a pan that will hold at least 5 -6 cups, just to be safe. Cover the bottom with oil heat it up so when you flick a little water at it it spits back at you. OK now put the rice in first and sort of fry it until it is brown. Ad the onion, garlic and green pepper. Saut√© them all, be careful not to burn anything. You can also ad salt to taste or anything else that you like to cook with, sometimes I ad cilantro. Cilantro gives it a real authentic Mexican taste but some people do not like it. It grows all over our yard and we do not use chemicals or pesticides. So I just go out and pick some off of the lawn. Once you have browned all your ingredients turn down the burner to simmer, add 2 cups of water and your tomato paste. Stir it around until it is mixed up pretty good. Find a cover for your pot and let the rice simmer for around 45 minutes. You can also use brown rice or If yo are in a hurry yo can take the fast route and use minute rice. Brown rice will take a bit longer than white rice and minute rice will be done in well a minute or so. So if you are in a hurry minute rice works well and your Spanish rice will more than likely come out pretty good every time. Spanish Rice is a great side dish for any Mexican meal. You can also ad ground beef to it, chicken or pork. Its a very versatile dish. When its done I sometimes ad cheese to the top take it off the burner, let the cheese melt. Try adding sour cream to it after you have it on your plate. I hope you enjoy making it and eating it as much as I do.

How to Save Money Using Keurig Coffee Maker K-Cups

Do you have a Keurig Coffee maker? Do you love the taste of the K-Cups but not the cost? Even though the K-cups are way cheaper than buying a cup of Starbucks each day, they can still add up. I have found a few ways to save money on K-Cups for my Keurig Coffee Maker.
There are so many varieties of K-cups on the market and many places to purchase them.

I have found to save money I purchase K-cups from

The packages are larger and they come in 2 packs. Most boxes I find in the big box stores have 18 K-Cups, the boxes from Amazon for the most part all have 25 K-Cups. The cost ends up being less than if purchased at a major retailer.

There are a couple of other ways to save money with the Keurig Coffee maker. One is to purchase the reusable filter basket. It is a one time cost and runs approximately $14. You can purchase your own ground coffee and use it this way. The downside for me at least, is I find it a pain to clean out.

Another way to save money with K-cups depends on what type of coffee you enjoy. If you enjoy a strong cup of coffee there are some varieties that are so strong that they allow you to get 2 cups of coffee from the same K-cup. This in itself will save money.

One variety I have found is Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso. This coffee is delicious, not bitter, and I can use the K-cup two times , thereby saving me money.

The third way I have found to save money using my Keurig Coffee maker and K-cups is to reuse the K-cup itself with my own coffee. Simply remove the top foil cover of the K-cup after your first or second use. Do this gently. Scoop out the used grounds , do this gently, and you will find the K-cup inside is simply a small coffee filter.

You can refill the K-cup with your own variety of coffee. To cover it you have several choices. If you search online you can find plastic covers meant specifically for this purpose of reusing K-Cups. They cost approximately $15.

What I do instead is tightly cover the K-Cup with foil. This works like a charm.

I have found I can get 4-5 uses out of each K-Cup this way. This saves me money because I use the K-Cup as it was purchased then remove the top and reuse it 4 more times. It has saved me considerable money on K-Cup purchases for my Keurig Coffee Maker.

I know everyone may not be as frugal as me when it comes to stuff like this, but every little bit helps!

I hope this article helps to save money on your Keurig Coffee maker K-Cups!

Looking Into The Dimensions Of Gaming Keyboards

Regrettably, it isn’t necessarily the most appropriate for gaming generally, on account of the nonlinear bump, even though some gamers are okay by it. Users can change the mouse’s DPI settings with no need for any type of special software. No software is necessary for configuring these settings.

It is among the louder switches that I prefer. We’ll likely learn at CES, or shortly thereafter. We are going to explore those modes under Features, together with how to customize backlighting. There are five modes along with the ability to place a customized mode.

And the very best thing is it’s totally customizable, you might have a great deal of accessories mounted on such a rail. This may be frustrating when you’re playing games, or even when you are only an extremely quick typist. Nevertheless, it definitely produces the best gaming¬†keyboard, and all types of typing was made even more enjoyable.

Also regardless of the board’s small dimensions, it still weighs a considerable 1049g. While this still is true for a 104-key dimensions, I think that it could continue to be good to observe an even smaller layout by getting rid of the number pad altogether. That’s a great position to be in.

Let’s move along and examine the item packaging. But like I said, it is a pretty simple no-frills design. It is an enormous year for HyperX. That would be quite darn metal.

Then, Intercept was just a solitary model, now it turns into a whole series. Of course from a handgun it’s subsonic… and handgun accuracy was very decent. Let’s say must incorporate 10 for each budget, because we’ll ONLY incorporate the highest quality ones in that range. Let’s get in the detail of both brand new Intercept models a bit.

All this adds until a crucial component more able to resist the additional power and heat generated while overclocking, resulting in a more stable motherboard and longer lasting pieces. The street price is going to be determined later. With price of $1199, you might have a good crossbow made in USA. For instance, Kingston positioned the essential cap characters directly over the switch LEDs to make sure consistent and optimal lighting. It’s combination of compact dimensions, great looks and terrific performance makes it simple to recommend.

For those dissatisfied with an existent Red-switch keyboard, the o-rings can enable the situation a significant bit. It is a first-rate product the remainder of the manner. HyperX has already fleshed out the item line a significant bit in just its initial six months. In cases like this, The processing time is going to be 3 business days.

That has all kinds of helpful applications in action-based scenarios. It’s true that you may have to prepare some things, but I think that it is crucial to be with the ones which you care for. At Maplin, we’re always searching for innovations and technology which can help your company work better.

There are three major forms of keyboards on the market today. The principal ideas that come with this item release are as follows. It is not going to pass along any data isn’t ideal for a mouse. These two are new and these two are weight shedding.