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How to Save Money Using Keurig Coffee Maker K-Cups

Do you have a Keurig Coffee maker? Do you love the taste of the K-Cups but not the cost? Even though the K-cups are way cheaper than buying a cup of Starbucks each day, they can still add up. I have found a few ways to save money on K-Cups for my Keurig Coffee Maker.
There are so many varieties of K-cups on the market and many places to purchase them.

I have found to save money I purchase K-cups from

The packages are larger and they come in 2 packs. Most boxes I find in the big box stores have 18 K-Cups, the boxes from Amazon for the most part all have 25 K-Cups. The cost ends up being less than if purchased at a major retailer.

There are a couple of other ways to save money with the Keurig Coffee maker. One is to purchase the reusable filter basket. It is a one time cost and runs approximately $14. You can purchase your own ground coffee and use it this way. The downside for me at least, is I find it a pain to clean out.

Another way to save money with K-cups depends on what type of coffee you enjoy. If you enjoy a strong cup of coffee there are some varieties that are so strong that they allow you to get 2 cups of coffee from the same K-cup. This in itself will save money.

One variety I have found is Timothy’s Rainforest Espresso. This coffee is delicious, not bitter, and I can use the K-cup two times , thereby saving me money.

The third way I have found to save money using my Keurig Coffee maker and K-cups is to reuse the K-cup itself with my own coffee. Simply remove the top foil cover of the K-cup after your first or second use. Do this gently. Scoop out the used grounds , do this gently, and you will find the K-cup inside is simply a small coffee filter.

You can refill the K-cup with your own variety of coffee. To cover it you have several choices. If you search online you can find plastic covers meant specifically for this purpose of reusing K-Cups. They cost approximately $15.

What I do instead is tightly cover the K-Cup with foil. This works like a charm.

I have found I can get 4-5 uses out of each K-Cup this way. This saves me money because I use the K-Cup as it was purchased then remove the top and reuse it 4 more times. It has saved me considerable money on K-Cup purchases for my Keurig Coffee Maker.

I know everyone may not be as frugal as me when it comes to stuff like this, but every little bit helps!

I hope this article helps to save money on your Keurig Coffee maker K-Cups!

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